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AISIN Group boasts a strong history in Lifestyle related products, spanning over 60 years with a focus on offering its customer “a more comfortable living environment”. AISIN (Australia) Pty Ltd, an Australian subsidiary of AISIN Seiki Japan, aims to further enhance our range of product offerings by expanding business activities in the areas of Lifestyle here in Australia through the launch of the J-Showerllete Bidet Auto Wash Toilet Seat.

AISIN’s J-Showerllete Bidet Auto Wash Toilet Seats has been proudly produced by the AISIN Group since 1976, and have developed a reputation as an irreplaceable part of Japanese peoples' lives. Consumers have moved from an era where merely washing up was enough, to one in which washing comfort matters as well. While travelling in Asia, you are likely to have come across bidet seats in reputable resorts, hotels and apartments. It is our aim to introduce this clean, fresh feeling of hands free washing after toileting into all Australian homes.